Mármores Central Porto de Mós

Mármores Central
Porto de Mós

Context & Challenge

Silvério Martins created Mármores Central Porto de Mós in May 1961. Being in the industry since a young age, he holds a deep knowledge of stones nature, the industry and a creative spirit continuously looking for innovative solutions. His children were brought up listening to stories on stone, a hard material, worked on by hardened men and women. A product from the land, revered by it's nobility and character.

MCPM began the business with the production of stone slabs, with two gang saws, working for both the internal and external markets. The company grew organically and developed consistently through the years, arriving to the structure it has today, which allows it to supply a wide and diversified range of products, materials, and projects in the highest quality levels. Their mission to provide its clients with global stone solutions at the highest standards.

MCPM asked our help to reinvent their brand. They wanted their brand to reflect the modernity of their practice and the ambition of their management, while representing their core values of quality based on tradition and honesty. The company has deep roots to its village of birth, Porto de Mós. Not only the name of the village is a part of the company name, but MCPM is a household name in the area. Porto de Mós is well known by its distinctive castle, which predates the 12th century, before the very first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques. Its distinctive figure stands proud as the village's main symbol, and it's at a close distance from the MCPM facilities.

We used this remarkable building as the core for the design. Its silhouette and peculiar towers are built in the logo, and lend a traditional feel to the otherwise minimal and elegant design.

MDPM is our client since our birth. It's been an enriching journey of knowlodge of stone's nature.