Observatório Angola


Context & Challenge

Launched in 2014 by Return On Ideas, Observatório Angola (translated as "Angola Observatory"), is a consumer research project that works in a multi-client framework. The aim of Observatório Angola is to widen the knowledge and real-time monitorization of the Angolan consumer.

It is sponsored by Banco Privado Atlântico (BPA) and gathers both Angolan and foreign leading companies such as Zahara group, Unitel, Baía de Luanda, ZAP, Odebrecht and Sumol-Compal.

Buran's mission was to help with the naming for the brand and to create a visual pave way that would allow the project to grow under the umbrella of its main sponsor, BPA, while maintaining its core independency. This meant a peaceful coexistence with the BPA brand, but also distinctness and a very clear personality. It was of vital importance that the end result would look and feel contemporary, visually ambitious, sophisticated and, ultimately, very very Angolan.

We wanted a brand that would look supremely contemporary at first, but that would have visible roots in the Angolan culture underneath. The challenge here was to combine modern Angola with its mix of world influences, with deep rooted cultural symbols. We looked in to the geometry present at Angolan traditional clothing, and found colors, patterns, and visual contrast.

Observatório Angola, offering a look into consumer insight, aims to help with the development of the Angolan economy - we wanted a brand that looked into the future.