Context & challenge

Strategos is a world-known consultancy company, helping companies invert their dogmas and optimize their potential to pursue disruptive innovation. A typical Strategos project is large in scope and cost. Anticipating the peak of economic crisis, and a general mindset averse to risk, Strategos Portugal seeked to provide Portuguese companies with smaller solutions, without diluting its brand.

Buran was to create a new brand for Strategos, a "Smart" for "Mercedes". This would allow them to address a new market, without compromising their standard market approach.

Each branding project is an exercise in storytelling. This one though, took this concept to a new level.

Great breakthroughs are often spoken of as heroic feats. We talk about how it all started, what prompted action and the persons involved. We tell the world what they had to do in order to act and the process that made them discover a new way to do things, a new product, a new goal.

We focused on creating a brand with a strong story behind it. Something that was perceived as having substance, and not only a good visual. Something that showed that it was carefully and purposely hand made, a quality piece only achievable by great craftsmen - the value proposition of innovation consultancy.

We paired it with a very clean image, subtle fonts, and elegant design pieces.

Translating craftsmanship in innovation into craftsmanship in execution.