Ace Africa

Ace Africa

Context & Challenge

Ace Africa was established in 2003 in Bungoma, in a response to the impact of HIV and AIDS in rural and remote area of Western Kenya, one of the very epicentres of the pandemic. In this area, one in three households in these villages were infected with HIV, resulting in massive stigma and isolation for those affected and their families. Community and government structures were collapsing and resources were strained beyond compare. The very infrastructure of society was crumbling under the weight of the impact of HIV and AIDS. And the most vulnerable were the children left behind.

In response, Ace Africa was founded and established to address the symbiotic challenges affecting these communities and in particular children, in relation to poverty, food insecurity, health, access to education and welfare services, rights and protection and the endemic stigma imposed by the influx of the HIV epidemic.

Ace Africa operates through a consolidated, long term and holistic approach to community rebuilding and ultimate development. It has now reached over 1 million children and their families in respect of health, education, livelihoods and rights, working in 10 Counties/Regions with 9,868 volunteers in Kenya and Tanzania with 63 staff members across the three entities.

Today, Ace Africa continues to grow from strength to strength and is regarded as a leading and international award-wining development organisation in respect of Health, Rights Protection and Livelihoods.

We were asked to create a brand that would convey the basic premise of Ace Africa’s action, to positively change through empowerment, for individuals through their communities.

Buran is proud to work with Ace Africa.

Shortlisted for the times charity awards 2015 in the category of international development.

We created a logo that resembles a smile, with the two “A”s of Ace Africa holding hands. A simple shape, suitable to be presented at a fund raiser meeting or to be hand drawn at a poster for a football league.

Working with Ace Africa has challenged us
to break preconceived notions of how a brand should behave