Return on Ideas

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Context & Challenge

Knowledge is power.

Now and tomorrow, the leading companies will be the ones that, based on a deep understanding of customers and their needs, are able to design, implement and monitor experiences seen as valuable by their customers throughout all their interaction.

Return on Ideas designs and implements processes and tools that allow companies to create, renew and maintain knowledge built on top of the reality that surrounds them.

Their approach is data driven, but their curiosity is very very human.

Our challenge was to renew the brand, without endangering its market recognition, while representing the team and its core competences. Each team member of Return on Ideas has their unique set of skills and experience, and it's this unique mix that makes their action so different and effective.

This meant to create an image that would stand out in the sea of sameness that is consultancy brands. An image that would recreate the sense of amazement from the great age of discoveries, the joy of uncovering unseen details and finding impossible insights.

We took the existing brand and revamped the logo. New colors, new alignments and new uses. To go with it, we created a complete set of illustrations - victorian puzzles, carefully assembled to represent the teams core competences and expertise, and the result of their work.